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Nikki Hale is currently J's girlfriend.
Jonathan is sheduled to play on the Rock
And Jock football game Janurary 24th on MTV!!!!!! Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born
September 8, 1981. He is one fine Virgo. His perfect matches
are Scorpios, capricorns, and other virgos.
He enjoys fishing and loved the movie
"A River Runs Though It". He has currently had his best movie
so far "Wild America" on video and is sheluded
to film "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" in April
as soon as "Home Improvement" wraps up its
seventh season. Jonathan has a Llasha Apso, 8 year old dog
named McCormick, sweet Jon calls him Mac. As
well as two Himilayan cats, Samantha (Sami)
and Simba. His resume goes like this:
The Lion King 1994
Man of the House 1995
Tom and Huck 1996
Pinocchio 1996
Wild America 1997
no movie for 1998
I Won't Be Home for Christmas possible 1999 release
and many more in the future. Keep them coming Jon!
In the meantime keep your eyes peeled on this
getting finer every minute dude every Tuesday
@8pm central time on ABC . Jon has done more than 500 photos and looks
great in all of them. I envy him for being so
photogenic. He loves animals and has been
a vegesaurus since the age of 4. He enjoys eating cheese pizza,
apple pie a la mode, tofu, artichokes, and lots more.
He enjoys travling alot and gets to, lucky boy. He has an older brother and hid parents have
been divorced since 1991. He has made
apperences on Letterman, Leno, Rosie,
Extra, ET, Regis and Kathie Lee, and so much more. He is a big supporter of Nick's
The Big Help-a-thon. Jon has said he has
a girlfriend that ISN'T an actress. So Jessica
Bowman and Courtney Peldon are knocked of
the bat. I bet they wish they were, though. Jon has a
great car and says he has problems with
parrel parking. He's not the only one,
There's just no stopping JTT!
The 16 year-old star is reportedly all set to
star in a brand new movie! Known to be
selective about the roles he chooses, JTT
has given the green light on "I Won't Be
Home for Christmas" for Walt Disney Pictures. The film is a romantic comedy (JTT's first)
and word has it, Disney had the script
tailored to fit JTT. That is, the part was
originally written for a twenty-something
lead in mind, but Disney worked a little
magic and had the role re-written so that
the lead character would be a senior in
high school-closer to J's actual age. J will
star as Roger, described as "A Ferris
Bueller-type prepschool upperclassman
who is trying to stop his girlfriend from
developing a new love." (How could she!)
Production on "Christmas" is scheduled for
some time next spring when J is on hiatus
from "Home Improvement". Wild America Bombed?
A movie that really was "da bomb" DID bomb.
Showbiz is a tough biz, and in the heat of
competition-think "Men In Black","Hercules",
and "The Lost World"-"Wild America" kinda
lost in the shuffle. However, there's new life
in video, and you can bet JTT&DEV's flick
will rule on the shelves.
Is America's #1 teen star happy?
"I'm comfortable with who I am," he declared
recently. "I'm happy." Simply put, J is content
with where he's at this point in his life.
He's not anxious to conquer the world or
experience everything life has to offer before
his 17th birthday.
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last update Jan. 25, 1998

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